Bar Harbor Wooden Boat
Arrival in Maine

Spray was in dry storage at a marina in Kenosha, Wisconsin, under a torn plastic wrap.  Once the purchase was finalized, a quick trip was made to prepare her for shipment by Murphy Yacht Transport of Trenton, Maine.  Fixtures on the pilothouse roof had to be removed to lower the overall height, allowing highway transport without special escorts.  Also the tug-like vent stack was removed to further lower the height. 

A flatbed trailer brought Spray to the Hinckley Boat Yard in Southwest Harbor, Maine, where she was transferred via TravelLift to a hydraulic trailer.

On July 13, 2009, Spray was delivered to our property in Bar Harbor.

Spray's arrival was celebrated with family and friends, in town for David's retirement festivities from a career in college teaching and research.


Much of the fall of 2009 was occupied with the construction of a barn over and around Spray, shown here partially completed in early December 2009.

Spray as shipped via flatbed trailer from Wisconsin
Transfer via TravelLift from flatbed to hydraulic trailer
Delivery via Murphy Yacht Transport's hydraulic trailer
Spray installed at Bar Harbor Wooden Boat July 13, 2009
Spray in her partially completed barn, December 2009